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Here at Juszczyk Chiropractic, we are happy to be your family chiropractor! Chiropractic care incorporates a number of different alternative medicine techniques, and our Lebanon  clinic is pleased to offer all the services that can help patients conquer neck pain, back pain, and all types of pain conditions.

Alternative Medicine and Chiropractic Care

Lebanon family chiropractic care for relief and wellnessWe utilize several different types of alternative medicine to help our patients heal from injury and resolve pain in an all natural way. Chiropractic care can be for patients of any age because it is non-invasive, safe, and does not require patients to take medications or undergo surgical procedures.

Our patients range from babies to seniors and our chiropractor, Dr. Juszczyk, is known for his gentle touch and skilled healing with people in all stages of life. Our alternative medicine healing techniques include chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy techniques, corrective exercises, and lifestyle and nutritional counseling.

The Atlas Orthagonal technique treats pain after examination and diagnosis of the problem. Atlas uses a highly advanced biomechanical protocol in which exact measurement of the atlas bone is the starting point for the treatments.

The Cox Flexion technique uses gentle adjustment techniques of flexion-distraction that help decompress damaged areas of the spine. Through this technique, pain relief can be achieved.

Diversified treatment uses a rapid low-pressure thrust to affected areas of the spine. This is the Lebanon neck pain and back pain treated with chiropractic care most common of the chiropractic adjustment techniques and is used primarily to help patients regain mobility and to properly re-align a spinal column.

All chiropractic adjustments are done by Dr. Juszczyk and involve hands-on movement of the spinal column, back vertebrae, and neck vertebrae. Many of our patients come to us when they are suffering from neck pain or back pain. This is often caused by a spinal misalignment, which can be corrected by Dr. Juszczyk's gentle manipulations.

We offer a variety of physiotherapy techniques that help make chiropractic adjustments even more effective. These methods include electrical muscle stimulation, mechanical traction, cold therapy, heat therapy, and laser light therapy. All physiotherapy techniques are non-invasive and generally pain free.

Corrective exercises are another healing technique at Juszczyk Chiropractic. Exercises are taught to patients in our offices, and patients can then do these strengthening and healing exercises at home as part of their healing and wellness program. We design a specific corrective exercise plan for each patient, one which is designed to help heal and strengthen the particular areas of the body where pain or lack of mobility is a problem.

We offer lifestyle counseling as part of our "whole body wellness" plan for our patients. In many cases, our patients need some advice about how to live healthier, how to keep active, and how to avoid unhealthy choices in their lives. We will work with each patient individually as we help them determine the healthiest lifestyle choices, including activities, exercise, and relaxation methods.

Nutritional counseling is another of our family chiropractic care options, and one which works hand-in-hand with the lifestyle counseling and gentle healing techniques we provide. When you are eating like you should, you will always feel better, look better, and will heal faster. Our patients know that eating well does not have to be boring or difficult. A health counselor can give patients a nutritional plan based on their individual needs and health goals. This includes advice on exactly what types of foods to eat, when to eat them, and which nutritional supplements can help you achieve good health.

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