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Offering Nutritional Support

Our Health and Wellness Program includes clinical tests that can help us evaluate your current health and determine what supplement support may benefit you.

Nutritional Support in LebanonYour body's main purpose is to maintain balance and optimal health. A symptom is a sensation or change in the body's normal functioning, signaling that it is off balance. Body systems not functioning properly can often indicate underlying health challenges.

We use symptoms to your advantage as they give us valuable information as to what your body needs. In our office, we have a variety of methods for evaluating your health status on many levels. The Systems Survey and Nutritional Exam give us vital information that help to determine and support your specific health needs and goals.

Our goal is to help you reach your maximal level of health and vitality. One way we do this is by empowering your body with the necessary nutrients needed for the healing process. Ask us to custom design a nutrition program specific to your individual needs!

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Clinical Nutrition Forms
Initial Appointment:

System Survey Form Electronic Version - Download form and fill out electronically, then save the form as a PDF file and email to [email protected] 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Toxicity Questionnaire

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